uExamS: Testing Through the Pandemic

uExamS helps ensure COVID doesn’t put the education
and career goals of your students and test takers on hold.

uExamS has been working with our clients throughout the pandemic and lockdown to adapt to the rapid changes and seismic impacts to education, testing, and training. As many parts of the world start to reopen, we’ve developed new approaches, policies, and innovations to help our clients restart their operations while keeping staff, students, and test candidates safe.

Staffing Resources

With uneven reopenings and varying local conditions, many clients are finding it difficult to restaff testing centers. uExamS is standing by to assist with highly trained and pre-vetted proctors, exam administrators, and specialized accommodations specialists to help you get test centers back online quickly and resume your testing operations.

uExamS staff are trained, experienced, and versed in COVID safety protocols. They’ll help you resume exam administrations safely and professionally—anywhere around the world.

Remote Solutions

Many organizations are looking to quickly adapt their exam programs to remote administrations. REMOTEi—powered by uExamS—provides secure remote exam administrations, proctored live by expert uExamS staff. REMOTEi pairs best-in-class content security with an exceptional test taker user experience to create flawless test administrations that equal the on-site testing experience.

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Accommodations Support

uExamS is known throughout the world for our accommodations support. And we’re passionate that test candidates with accommodations don’t get left behind because of COVID-related restrictions and safety considerations.

Our barrier-breaking REMOTEi proctoring platform is the only solution available to provide live, remote accommodations support.  Innovations include seamless proctor relief for extended time administrations, support for dual sign language interpreters, WCAG compatibility, break accommodations, and support for human-based accommodations (scribes, readers, and more).

With REMOTEi, accommodated test candidates now have the accessibility and support they need to keep pace with their peers.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them. We know it’s a difficult time and we’re standing by to help in any way we can.