Wherever there's an exam,

uExamS provides innovative testing and training
support solutions to organizations around the world.

Since 2004, uExamS has provided world-class human and technology solutions to support and improve testing and training programs. We partner with organizations that deliver and administer high-stakes exams or training worldwide, including in the licensure, certification, admissions, regulatory, K-12, corporate, and government markets. Our partners leverage uExamS’s extensive knowledge of testing & learning platforms, formats, procedures, and protocols to ensure access to professional and secure testing and training environments for all, regardless of need.

The Mission

uExamS provides comprehensive test administration solutions around the world. Our people & technology ensure the highest quality, most secure test experiences for everyone, regardless of need, language or geography.

We help eliminate the barriers of disability, language, and access to allow students, test takers, and employees to effectively showcase their skills and talents.

The Global Network

With a presence in more than 70 countries, uExamS offers a global network of thousands of experts in test administration, testing & learning accommodations, language services, quality assurance, and testing logistics services.

At uExamS, we’re dedicated to serving the education & training industry and assisting them in their mission to help people all around world achieve their education and career goals.

The Expertise

At uExamS we recruit exceptional people and then build exceptional services around them. Our global network of talent and expertise is the backbone of our success. We source and recruit talented experts to provide specialized exam services to education & testing companies, universities, professional associations, and governments. Geography and accessibility to testing sites are also key requirements when selecting people for membership in uExamS’s global talent network. We ensure that your organization has access to the best talent available in and around your testing sites worldwide.

Our network of professionals demonstrates outstanding skills in test delivery & administration, special needs accommodation, language translation & interpretation, and quality assurance. Every candidate goes through a rigorous, multi-level screening process, including multiple interviews, checks on professional background, proof of relevant credentials & certifications, as well as assessments of key relevant skills such as voice quality, reading ability, fluency, and more.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.