World-Class Testing & Training Support Solutions

uExamS combines expertly trained personnel with time-saving technology to provide best-in-class testing & training support solutions around the world. Our mission is to provide exceptional exam and training experiences to help people achieve their educational and career goals, regardless of their needs.

Accommodated Testing

Reserve Specialized Services for Test Takers with Approved Accommodations

Standardized Testing

Place Expert Exam Proctors & Test Administrators, Anywhere in the World

Quality Assessment

Analyze & Improve Your Testing & Training Programs With Unbiased QA Professionals

Accommodations Approvals

Improve Service and Mitigate Risk with Expert Accommodations Review and Approval Expertise

Remote Proctoring

Ensure secure remote testing for standard and accommodated administrations with our REMOTEi platform

Language Services

Provide Flawless Translation, Interpretation, & Oral Transliteration in 80+ Languages

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