REMOTEi Privacy Policy

The following statement outlines the policies, procedures, and regulations that uExamS and its online proctoring service, REMOTEi, follows in the collection, use, storage, receipt, transfer, processing and disclosure of personal and personally identifiable information in the conduct of our business and services (known hereafter as “Services”) through our websites, online applications, business systems, browser extensions, and any other data or data collection applications used in the conduct of uExamS’s business.

This Privacy Statement also describes your rights regarding how REMOTEi processes information about you and your activities within our business applications and in the conduct of our services.

Finally, this Privacy Statement will outline how uExamS receives, processes, and protects any of your personal information that is received from third parties to enable your participation in uExamS Services, including but not limited to educational institutions, testing authorities, certification and licensure boards, and government agencies.

By participating in uExamS Services, you are agreeing and consenting to policies and procedures outlined in this Privacy Statement.

Statement of Principles

Regarding all personal information collected, processed, and stored by uExamS provided by test candidates, educational institutions and other third parties, employees, and uExamS service providers, uExamS will adhere to the following principles:

  1. uExamS only uses personal information to enable and administer its services (the proctoring and administration of exams)
  2. uExamS never sells any personal information nor uses any personal information for marketing and sales purposes.

Collection of Personal Information

Contact Information

Any personal information such as name, email address, phone number, organization, or address will be used by uExamS to verify your identity and effectively respond to any inquiries or questions and provide any needed support. At any point, we may ask for additional information to ensure your support needs are met.

Account Creation

For testing candidates, employees, and clients, you may be required to create an account on uExamS systems to use and participate in our Services. The information collected is for the sole purpose of effectively enabling our services and/or for the use of relevant educational institutions, testing authorities, certification or licensure boards, or government agencies.

Information collected to create an account can include—but is not limited to—the following:

  • Name
  • Test
  • Testing Authority or Organization
  • Test Registration Number
  • Approved Form of Identification

The Testing Process


uExamS will receive your test registration information from the relevant testing authority. This information is secure and will be deleted 30 business days after your examination session.

Identity Verification

Before proceeding with testing, you will be required to download the uExamS REMOTEi application and provide uExamS with access to your device’s camera and microphone. In addition, you will be required to share your screen with uExamS personnel and present your form of approved identification to authenticate your identity.

During Your Exam

During your active examination period, uExamS personnel will continue to access your screen, microphone, and camera to monitor your activities and provide proctoring services during the examination. uExamS proctoring and monitoring activity will be in accordance within any parameters, procedures, and protocols required by the testing authority for your examination. uExamS is not responsible for the creation of any procedures or protocols for exam delivery.

In addition, we will maintain access to your screen, microphone, and camera to adequately proctor your exam and communicate with you when or if required.

Storage, Retention, and Third-Party Sharing

uExamS will share your information and test performance documentation, including video and audio recordings of your examination session, with the relevant testing authorities for your exam and in accordance with any uExamS contractual obligations.

In addition, uExamS will retain your information and any exam performance documentation as long as is required by our clients and any contractual or legal obligations.


Governing Law

uExamS collects, receives, processes, and stores data—with your consent—wherever necessary to execute a contract; manage, deliver, and support our Services; provide contractually obligated information to clients; protect uExamS intellectual property or the intellectual property of clients; and comply with any applicable laws or law enforcement actions. uExamS complies with all laws and regulations under the governing authorities established in our client contracts.

In certain circumstances, uExamS may be required to share your information to comply with legal actions, including but not limited to responding to a government, law enforcement, or national security request; the investigation of fraud; or to protect our rights, your safety, or the integrity of our Services.


Policy Changes

uExamS reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes in governing laws or regulations; changes to uExamS technology, processes, or Services; or client request or contractual obligations. If any changes are material, we will contact you by email in advance of the changes becoming effective.