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The Most Intuitive + User-Friendly Experience

You’re already anxious about taking your exam, you don’t need a complicated online testing platform to make things more difficult. REMOTEi has a minimalist design that lets you put your focus and energy where it belongs: Your exam.

Live, Expert Help When You Need It

With REMOTEi, it’s just one click to text or video chat with your exam’s proctor—not a far-off customer service center. You’ll quickly get the assistance you need to continue testing with confidence.

ADA-Compliant: Access For Everyone

With the rapid shift to remote testing, many test takers who need accommodations have been left behind. Not with REMOTEi. We are completely ADA- and WCAG-compliant and are the only proctoring platform that offers remote, online human assistance like scribes, readers, sign language interpreters, and more.

Start Testing Within Minutes

You’ve already registered for your exam; you shouldn’t have to register again with a proctoring platform. With REMOTEi, you download our app with one click, enter your credentials, check your system, and check in. Simple. Easy. Secure.

Unmatched Security for Your Personal Info

REMOTEi temporarily pulls in the info we need to conduct your exam directly from your school or testing authority. Then we delete it after your exam. We’re the most secure environment for your data… because we don’t have it.

How can I test with REMOTEi?

Make sure you get the REMOTEi exam experience. Speak with your testing authority, school, or director of disability/accessibility. We’ll be happy to set up a demo and discussion.

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