uExamS is a recognized leader
in accommodated testing services.

With uExamS, you benefit from our unique combination of accessibility and high stakes, standardized testing expertise. We offer a wide range of services to meet the individual needs of test takers with physical disabilities, hearing and visual impairment, learning disabilities, PTSD/trauma related issues, and more.

Each of our special accommodation services complies with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and are customized to adhere to your testing procedures and protocols to ensure fair and secure test administrations.

A focus on the testing experience

uExamS professionals go beyond providing the services that special accommodation test takers need. They’re trained to work with test takers one-on-one to ensure they’re comfortable and can take your exam with confidence.

Unique services,
expertly delivered.

With uExamS, you can tap a deep bench of expertly trained professionals in the following services:

Exam Proctor Reading Book


Get expert readers to relate content to test takers, following strict procedures to maintain exam security. uExamS readers are intensively trained to provide accommodation to visually impaired individuals in high-stakes testing and educational experiences. Their knowledge and professionalism ensure your test takers or students receive a positive experience while protecting the security and integrity of your testing or training program.

Laptop with Pointer Icon


Take down test taker answer responses with 100 percent accuracy. uExamS recorders strictly follow your guidelines and protocols to ensure a secure testing environment and fair and accurate exam or training experience for the individuals receiving the accommodation.

Pencil & Paper Icon


Accurately transcribe test taker responses for free response and essay questions. uExamS scribe services provide expert accommodation while strictly adhering to your testing and training guidelines. They accurately and professionally relay student/test taker inputs—without inadvertently “tipping the scales”—to ensure a fair and secure testing or educational experience.

Sign Language Icon

Sign Language Interpreters

Get the most highly skilled interpreters in the industry with expertise across most sign language variations. uExamS sign language interpreters set the standard for expertise, professionalism, and most important unmatched experience in testing, training, and educational environments. Your exam and security protocols will be strictly maintained while providing world-class service to your test takers and students in need of accommodation.

Closed Caption Icon

Communication Access Real-Time Translation (CART) Services

CART stands for Communication Access Real-Time Translation. It’s used by hard-of-hearing and deaf people who use English as their first language and/or their language of instruction. This form of communication requires the use of a court reporting stenography machine, a computer and software to display everything that is being said, verbatim. uExamS can provide this service on-site and remotely as well.

How does it work?

uExamS’s technology platform makes the process pain-free. Through its easy-to-use interface, you can access, manage, deploy, and track your accommodated testing specialists to ensure you’re providing the right services when and where you need them. For our accommodated testing services, you provide the exact parameters of the approved accommodations and we will match your needs exactly with the appropriate personnel and equipment.

uExamS solutions offer seamless program management and logistics from anywhere in the world. But if you do need help, just speak directly with your assigned client services representative.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your accommodated testing needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.