Improve service and mitigate risk with our expert accommodations review and approvals service.

uExamS’s Accommodations Approvals service combines our first-hand, real-world experience working with students and test takers who need specialized accommodations with our unmatched experience in logistics, training, and ADA expertise. This unique set of skills provides our test administration clients (and their exam owner clients) with peace of mind that their accommodations review and approval process meets the highest industry standards for equity, access, fairness in testing, as well as test taker customer service.  We help our clients reduce costs, improve service, and mitigate risks associated with ADA compliance. It’s an unmatched advantage for your organization.

Experience matters.

uExamS accommodations experts combine a deep understanding of ADA equity and access requirements with a deep understanding of the logistics and costs of providing accommodations services in testing centers and remotely. They ensure that the requirements of laws and regulations are met while ensuring fairness in testing and content security concerns are considered.

Our accommodations review and approvals experience is deeply rooted in our experience with providing those accommodations around the world. We know what’s needed and what’s fair because our experts have experience administering these accommodations first-hand.

Unique services,
expertly delivered.

Tap into uExamS’s unmatched knowledge of accessibility guidelines, ADA regulations, and the real-world experience with accommodated testing and learning experiences to ensure your accommodations approvals program meets the highest standards in the industry.


Accommodations Review & Approvals

uExamS experts review accommodations requests within your current system (or set up a new one, if required). They review test taker needs and requests and weigh them against their supporting documentation, ADA and state guidelines, and your (and your clients’) specifications and requirements. We then pass them along for accommodations scheduling within your current set up or uExamS staff can also schedule accommodations within your system.

Our experts have deep experience across all types of accommodations requests from extra time, private rooms, and readers to more complex administrations such as ASL interpreters, translators, personal care assistants, scribes, and more. We provide you with a monthly comprehensive report on all activity and we highlight and escalate any potential challenges or risks.

In addition, our embedded team is highly trained and embody the highest levels of professionalism and customer service. uExamS Accommodations Review & Approvals service enhances logistical efficiency, reduces costs, and improves service.

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Accommodations Assessment & Training

If you want to ensure your existing accommodations approvals team is adhering to the highest standards and the latest laws and regulations, our experts can assess your current operation, pinpoint issues or risks, and devise a custom training program to ensure your team is properly considering current law, equity and access, as well as fairness in testing and content security. uExamS assessment and training programs help clients streamline operations, increase processing speed, improve customer service, mitigate risks, and reduce operating costs.

How does it work?

uExamS Accommodations Review & Approvals and Assessment and Training programs are completely customizable to your business needs and goals. Our expert team will work with you to determine your objectives, establish baselines, and assess your needs. We’ll can you improve an existing program, provide additional staffing support, or develop a new world-class program from start.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your accommodations review and approval process needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.