You won’t find more experience in
high-stakes exam administration.

Deliver a worry-free test administration with uExamS’s highly trained proctors, supervisors, and administrators. Our personnel offer unmatched professional expertise, adding value to any testing program with deep knowledge of testing procedures, administration, and exam security across a wide range of professions, subjects, and testing formats.

uExamS’s test professionals are industry-leading experts on high-stakes exams administered throughout the world, including:

  • School-administered skill assessments
  • Entrance & admission exams
  • Professional licensure & certification
  • Government, military, & civil service exams
  • Corporate training, qualification exams, & HR assessments

In addition, we have deep experience in all exam formats, including pencil & paper, computer-based, computer-adaptive, and remote proctored.

A focus on the testing experience

uExamS test administration professionals are extensively trained & experienced in exam procedure and protocol. They adhere to a strict code of ethics, ensuring a secure and professional testing environment.

Unique services,
expertly delivered.

With uExamS, you can tap a deep bench of expertly trained professionals in the following services:

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Proctor your exams with professionals expertly trained in the unique procedural & format requirements of your high-stakes exams. uExamS proctors are testing experts with deep experience in exam security and in best practice protocols. Their efficiency and professionalism provide a positive experience for your test takers and a great impression for your brand.

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Exam Administrators

From check-in procedures to the collection of exam materials, provide the most secure & professional testing experience possible with uExamS’s expert exam administrators. They provide experienced leadership and ensure all of your exam procedures are followed to the letter.

How does it work?

uExamS’s technology platform makes the process pain-free. Through its easy-to-use interface, you can access, manage, deploy, and track your test administration specialists to ensure you’re providing the right services when and where you need them. uExamS solutions offer seamless program management and logistics from anywhere in the world. But if you do need help, just speak directly with your assigned client services representative.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.