Improve your testing & training programs
with a rigorous quality assessment solution.

Put your programs to the test by leveraging uExamS’s extensive knowledge of testing and training environments, administration, procedures, and content security protocols to provide an unbiased portrait of your testing and training programs.

With uExamS Quality Assessment Service, you can deploy undercover testing experts to your test sites. And our growing network of experts in more than 70+ countries allow you to deploy QA services wherever you need them across the globe.

A focus on the testing experience

uExamS’s Quality Assessment service offers insights and analysis on how you can improve your testing program and provide the best, most secure testing experience possible. It combines a test taker’s perspective into test sites and staffing with an expert’s insight into your procedures and content security.

Unique services,
expertly delivered.

Tap into uExamS’s unmatched knowledge of testing, training, & learning environments to examine and assess your programs. Our team can assess exam and content security; inspect testing or training sites; analyze performance of exam procedures and protocols; test staff knowledge and professionalism; and assess privacy & regulatory compliance. Services include:

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Secret Shoppers

Capture the experience of your test takers and students and get detailed reporting and analysis of staff professionalism, site quality, and adherence to policies & procedures. Trained uExamS staff pose as students or test takers and give you a front row seat to your own programs. They combine the firsthand perspective with an expert’s eye towards proper procedures.

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Get expert investigative analysis on suspected security or procedural issues and get unmatched consultative advice on how to correct them. If you suspect or know that you have an issue in your testing or training program, our highly trained and discreet professionals can help you uncover issues, assess the impact, and recommend future risk mitigation efforts.

Magnifying Glass

Site Inspectors

Ensure your testing sites meet all of your criteria for staff professionalism and knowledge, security, cleanliness, brand experience, and accessibility. Whether you own your test and training locations or license facilities from a third-party provider, uExamS site inspectors can ensure that each location is providing the secure testing & training environment that you require.

How does it work?

uExamS Quality Assurance programs are all custom designed to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients. We can work with your preexisting QA program or use our proven QA techniques developed over a decade of experience.

Our expert team will work with you to determine your objectives, establish baselines, and design a quality assurance program that provides you with actionable data & reporting to improve your test or training programs.

From “secret shopper” test takers or students to intensive site inspections, uExamS quality assurance solutions set the bar for their professionalism & excellence.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your QA needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.