Ensure your content and online assets meet the
latest accessibility requirements and ADA regulations.

uExamS’s Accessibility Consulting service combines our deep knowledge and first-hand experience working with students and test takers who need specialized accommodations with our unmatched expertise in the worlds of high-stakes testing, training, and education. This unique set of skills provides our clients with expert advice and guidance on content accessibility guidelines and ADA regulations plus real-world experience with how that content will be consumed by your clients who need specialized accommodations. It’s an unmatched advantage for your organization.

A focus on user experience

uExamS consultants bring a deep understanding of accessibility requirements and extensive knowledge of the unique concerns of assessments, testing, and proprietary training & learning materials. Our accessibility recommendations are deeply rooted in the vital importance of content security, testing integrity, score/performance confidentiality, and user privacy. With uExamS, your accessibility improvements won’t add risk to your organization in other areas.

In addition, with our real-world testing and learning experience, we understand what’s vital and what’s “nice-to-have.” Our consultants will help you prioritize and focus on the recommendations that provide the most value for your budget.

Unique services,
expertly delivered.

Tap into uExamS’s unmatched knowledge of accessibility guidelines, ADA regulations, and the real-world experience with accommodated testing and learning experiences to make your programs accessible to all your users, regardless of need. Services include:


Accessibility Assessment

Our accessibility experts review your content, testing interfaces, websites, video, audio, and UX to ensure they meet the latest WCAG and ARIA guidelines. We provide you with a comprehensive report on recommended changes, as well as prioritization to help you focus on the areas first that provide the most value for the consumers of your content.

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Accessibility Implementation

Need outside help to fast-track implementation to meet contractual, regulatory, or other business needs? Leverage our development resources. Our accessibility experts work directly with our developers to ensure fast, seamless integration of accessibility enhancements to your online environments.

How does it work?

uExamS Accessibility Consulting services are completely customizable to your business needs and goals. Our expert team will work with you to determine your objectives, establish baselines, and assess your needs. We’ll help you surface the accessibility gaps within your content and programs and prioritize their amelioration to work within your budget.

How can we help?

Reach out. Let’s discuss your content and accessibility needs, and we’ll develop a customized solution to meet them.